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Peat Mining History

Cutting and Processing of Peat - Encyclopedia of Life ...

COAL, OIL SHALE, NATURAL BITUMEN, HEAVY OIL AND PEAT – Vol. II - Cutting and Processing of Peat - Eino Lappalainen ©Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS) Most of the world’s peat production is in Europe, where the peat industry operates on an area of 350 000 ha (3500 km2) annually. Peat production is a temporary phase in the

WETLANDS: Peat miner asks high court for lift out of ...

Mar 03, 2016· Kevin Pierce had big plans to expand his family's peat mining operation into 530 soggy acres in northwest Minnesota. Pierce, vice president of Hawkes Co. of …


time promoting the orderly development of peat mining, the encouragement of good peat mining practices, and the recognition and identification of the beneficial aspects of peat min­ ing. Until more is known about the technological, economic, and environmental feasibility of reclaiming large-scale peat mining operations, the Department of ...

Canadian Peat Mining - Manitoba Peatlands

World War II opened the doors for the Canadian peat mining industry, molding it into what it is today. Peat has been produced in every province in which it is present including British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Manitoba and Alberta. During the early years of Canadian peat extraction, most peat production was for fuel.

Peat Mining - Environmental Impacts - Her Inst

Peat Mining Impacts: ... The continuation of peat mining would also contribute to the spread of aquatic weeds ... that there has been a long and troubled history of sometimes catastrophic impacts of human activities on the swamp fauna but that there is no reason to believe that the continuation of mining on the basis proposed will contribute ...

Peat Mining An Initial Assessment Of Wetlands Impacts and ...

The effects of peat mining on water quality may influence pH, suspended sediment, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, and metal content. The effects of peat mining on water quantity and quality will vary with peat type, variety of peatland, the mining method, the location of the peatland with respect to the watershed, and the climate of the area.

Environmental Impacts of Peat Mining in the United States ...

In this paper we present documentation for the realistic assessment of the concept of peat as an energy alternative in the United States. A proposal to mine peat in north-central Florida provides the framework from which a community worksheet for the evaluation of a peat-mining proposal has been developed.

CLEARFIELD COUNTY - Penna. Historical Mining Reports

CLEARFIELD COUNTY (Continued) Operators and Mines/ or Surface Mine Permit No. Production of Coal - Net Tons Coal Used Coal Non-Shipped toMarket Locally for Used in TOTAL Average Fatal Fatal By By By Domestic Manufacture PRODUCTION Days No. of Acci- Acci- Rail Water Truck Purposes of Coke OF COAL Worked Employes dents dents K J Coal Co., Inc. 17840117 24,944 - 6,464 17850110 …

Early Coal Mining History. - dmm.org.uk

Peat was formed first, but over the years layers of sand and mud settled, from the water, over some of the peat. Pressure from the layers above, the movements of the earth's crust, plus at times volcanic heat, compressed and hardened the deposits. Through this process coal was formed.

Wisconsin-Mines - Mining Artifacts

Wisconsin's iron mining began in the southern part of the state in 1849 in Dodge, Sauk and Jackson counties, and in 1900 in the Baraboo Iron Range. Iron mining on a large scale began in the Gogebic Iron Range on the Wisconsin-Michigan border between 1884 and 1886, after its discovery in 1883.

Proposed Peat Mining Lands Become Wild Refuges | Coastal ...

Proposed Peat Mining Lands Become Wild Refuges 12/06/2011 by Jan DeBlieu Just west of the Outer Banks, the shores of the Albemarle and Pamlico sounds are coated with a thick brown hash of mud, muck and decaying plants and trees—organic peat.

Peat Cutting - Peat Traditions of The Isle of Lewis and ...

Peat Cutting - Peat traditions - Tools - Western Isles History - The Isle of Lewis - Isle of Harris - Traditionally, peat has been an important natural fuel source for most s throughout the rural communities of The Isle of Harris and The Isle of Lewis, indeed throughout the Western Isles.

CLEARFIELD COUNTY - Penna. Historical Mining Reports

CLEARFIELD COUNTY Production of Coal - Net Tons Coal Used Coal Non-Locally for Used in TOTAL Average Fatal Fatal Domestic Manufacture PRODUCTION Days No. of Anal- Acci-Purposes of Coke OF COAL Worked Employes dents dents Operators and Mines/ or Surface Mine Permit No. Albert Contracting, Inc. 17930121 Andray Mining Co . 17793018 Beth ...

After Supreme Court victory, peat mine proposal's fate in ...

Jul 11, 2017· After Supreme Court victory, peat mine proposal's fate in DNR's hands ... to determine the carbon footprint of peat mining. ... 2 years ago Next A history of the fight for Native fishing rights ...

Minnesota Peat Mine Wins Wetlands Case Against Army Corps ...

Mar 08, 2017· A federal judge in Minnesota ruled a peat mining company did not need a wetlands permit from the Army Corps of Engineers or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to expand its operations onto adjacent private property. In a setback for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Army Corps), a federal ...

Coeur D'Alene Meadows Peat Occurrence

The Coeur D'Alene Meadows Peat Occurrence is a mine located in Kootenai county, Idaho at an elevation of 2,100 feet. Western Mining History. ... Click here for more information on the active mining claims feature at Western Mining History. Coeur D'Alene Meadows Peat Occurrence MRDS details. Site Name Primary: Coeur D'Alene Meadows Peat Occurrence.

Burns Bog - Wikipedia

Burns Bog is an ombrotrophic peat bog located in Delta, British Columbia, Canada.It is the largest raised peat bog and the largest undeveloped urban land mass on the West Coast of the Americas. Burns Bog was originally 10,000–12,000 acres (4,000–4,900 ha) before development.

peat | Description, Formation, & Uses | Britannica.com

Peat: Peat, an organic fuel consisting of spongy material formed by the partial decomposition of organic matter, primarily plant material, in wetlands. The formation of peat is the first step in the formation of coal. Peat is only a minor contributor to the world energy supply.

Aeneas Valley - Western Mining History

The Aeneas Valley is a peat mine located in Okanogan county, Washington

Peat Mining - Mining Operations - Her Inst

Peat Mining Operations. Peat was mined at Wingecarribee by Emerald Peat Pty Ltd. This was done by dredging it from a floating pontoon with a dragline. The pontoon floated on a pool of water (the dredge pool) created by the hole left by the removal of peat.

Peat Mining - Sustainability - University of Wollongong

Geoffrey Hope, Senior Fellow, ANU, Submission to the Mining Wardens Inquiry into Possible Renewal of Mining Leases for the Extraction of Peat from Wingecarribee Swamp, 1997, Exhibit 34. Minter Ellison, Summary of Submissions by Emerald Peat Pty Ltd, 1997.

History of the Swamp-Mining operations

Peat mining at Wingecarribee was begun in 1967 on a small scale by Mr J. F. Pike. The following year, Sydney Water Board proposed the construction of a dam on the Wingecarribee River which would inundate a large part of the swamp. The mine owners objected …

History | North Carolina Coastal Federation

Most of the areas that were formerly targeted for peat mining are now permanently preserved in national wildlife refuges. Achievements. Since it first cut its teeth on the peat mining issue, the federation has been an extremely active participant in coastal management issues throughout the entire North Carolina coast and elsewhere in the nation.

Peat - Wikipedia

Peat (/ p iː t /), also known as turf (/ t ɜːr f /), is an accumulation of partially decayed vegetation or organic matter. It is unique to natural areas called peatlands, bogs, mires, moors, or muskegs. The peatland ecosystem is the most efficient carbon sink on the planet, because peatland plants capture CO 2 naturally released from the peat, maintaining an equilibrium.

Turf Wars: Irish Fighting Ban on Peat Harvesting

Jul 29, 2013· The peat bogs of Ireland are an iconic - and increasingly rare - part of that country's rural landscape. But a fierce donnybrook has erupted over the harvesting of peat, known locally as turf.

Peat | Definition of Peat by Merriam-Webster

History and Etymology for peat. Noun (1) Middle English pete piece of peat, from Medieval Latin peta, probably of Celtic origin; akin to Cornish peyth bit, Welsh peth thing . Noun (2) origin unknown

Wainfleet Bog Exploration – Wolfmaan

May 30, 2013· Examining the area, it was quick to see evidence of mining operations that had taken place here in recent history. Beside the main (and only) trail that led off into the peat bog were a series of old railroad tracks. These tracks were much smaller than conventional railroad tracks.


PEAT AND THE DUTCH GOLDEN AGE T H E H I S T O R I C A L M E A N I N G O F E N E R G Y - A T T A I N A B I L I T Y * J. W. D E Z E E U W 1. INTRODUCTION The amazing prosperity of the small 'Republiek der Zeven Provinciën'

Wingecarribee Swamp | NSW Environment & Heritage

A natural site, Wingecarribee Swamp is a remnant of a late glacial swamp overlying the Triassic sandstone and Wianamatta Shale of the Southern Highlands. The wetlands' peat deposits provide a rare resource for scientific study but are also sought after as a mining resource (RNE).

About Irish Peat — Siobhán's Irish Fire Logs

Learn more about Irish peat. Ireland's Black Gold. Peat is commonly known by the Irish as 'turf' and has been harvested for centuries by a method known as 'cutting.' Peat has been an invaluable source of heat and energy throughout history in Ireland. It was found to be a useful alternative to firewood for cooking and heating throughout Ireland ...

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