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Molten Sulfur Jacketed

Sulfur Jacketed Ball Valve, Sulfur Valve, Molten Sulphur ...

Sulfur Jacketed Ball Valve, Sulfur Valve, Molten Sulphur Jacketed Valve, Sulfur Jacketed Valves, Liquid Sulphur Jacketed Valve Manufacturer, Importer, Stockist, Supplier. Jacketed Valve which we use in Sulfur application it is called by the name of Sulphur Valve or Sulfur Jacketed Ball Valve.

jacketed metering pump for molten sulfur - Chemical plant ...

Aug 19, 2009· I have experience with metering molten sulfur and would like to up grade my pump to something jacketed. I found a 40K usd$ unit which is kind of expensive for a pump that meters .1-1.5 liter per minute and is not fully jacketed.

Molten Sulfur Pumps Applications Newsletter

Molten Sulfur Pumps Elemental sulfur is an amorphous yellow solid used as a raw material for manufacture of sulfur dioxide, sulfuric acid, and related products. It is also used to formulate a sulfur cement for some corrosive services. It occurs in nature both in the free state and as a sulfide ores of iron, zinc, and coppoer/iron ore.

Melting Sulfur in the Production of Sulfuric Acid

Apr 15, 2017· Sulfur burners, the second step of the production of sulfuric acid, are fed with 140 0 C molten sulfur, near the viscosity minimum, under the steep viscosity increase. Sulfur temperature is maintained by circulating 150 0 C steam through steam pipes around molten sulfur storage tanks and all molten sulfur delivered pipes are also jacketed with steam to ensure the molten state of sulfur.

10 jacketed molten sulfur PumPs Resistance 2 s 3 P 4 Pum

molten sulfur pumps. Hayward Gordon has worked with major mechanical seal manufacturers and customers for over 50 years to develop a reliable and field proven combination of special seal, jacketed housing, and jacketed gland. In molten sulfur service, a high degree of

Molten Sulfur Pumps - peerlesspump.com

Pumps moving molten sulfur must be steam jacketed. Also, as a result of the high specific gravity (1.78), larger motors are required. Large quantities of molten sulfur are stored in tanks, which are usually made of steel. For small quantities, pits are used which are generally rectangular. A steam jacketed sump pump should pump the molten ...

CP Case Study Liquid Sulphur - Springer Pumps

sulphur leads to deposits on seal faces and represents a source of leakage and danger. Sealless CP pumps prevent contamination of the sulphur The heating jacket of vertical CP liquid sulphur pumps has been especially designed so that no contamination of the liquid sulphur by the heating medium (thermal oil, heating steam, condensate

Steam jacketed carbon steel rundown lines for molten sulfur

Feb 11, 2017· How effective are steam jacketed carbon steel rundown lines for molten sulfur? In particular, are there predictable failure mechanisms in the piping, either in the steam side or the sulfur …

Jacketed Ball Valve for Molten Sulfur, Liquid Sulphur ...

Apr 06, 2016· Full Jacket Steam - Hot Oil Jacketed Ball Valve Single Piece Heavy Duty Body with Full Jacket design as per Design Standard ASME B 16.34/ISO 17292/7121/BS 5159 End Connection - Flanged End ...

Traced and Jacketed Piping | PIPING GUIDE

Design and engineering of lines like tracer, core and jacket are different not only for routing but care has to taken from the construction and maintenance point of view. These lines always work in different environments ( i.e. at low or elevated temperature ) so jacketed and traced lines require special consideration from the piping engineer.

Jacketed Ball Valve, Jacketed Ball Valve Manufacturer ...

The Jacketed Ball Valve (Heating Jacket Ball Valve) with very well design to help the high temperature steam or oil flow over the valve ball & body parts to keep the media liquid. This applies especially to media like bitumen and liquid sulfur. In addition, the efficient flow of media is ensured through the elimination of pockets.

Steam Consumption For Sulfur Line Steam Jacketing ...

Aug 11, 2008· Steam Consumption For Sulfur Line Steam Jacketing - posted in Refining, Hydrocarbons, Oil, and Gas: Please submit some method to calculat the steam consumption for jacketed line(for example sulfur line).

Thrust Bearings Resistance PUMPS - haywardgordon.com

horizontal molten sulfur pumps provide reliable performance in both clean and dirty sulfur service. For clean or slightly contaminated molten sulfur, the jacketed A-VBJ vertical lineshaft and A-J horizontal designs make use of the excellent lubricity of sulfur to provide effective lubrication to the specially

Super Group | Product

The Special design for Molten Sulfur incorporates bearing intermediate bearings made of special Teflon compound, and lubrication by Molten Sulfur injected through a line tapped from discharge pipe. Line is adequately insulated/ jacketed to ensure lubricating sulfur in molten state. Read More

Peerless Pump offers fire pumps, centrifugal pumps ...

» The most common material of construction for pipe, valves and pumps in sulfur service is steel or ductile iron. » Pumps moving molten sulfur must be steam jacketed. Also, as a result of the high specific gravity (1.78), larger motors are required. » Large quantities of molten sulfur are stored in tanks, which are usually made of steel.

Molten Sulfur Storage Tank, Loading, and Vapor Ejection ...

6) Molten sulfur, loading, pump suction and discharge, and vapors to/from PC ejectors to be steam jacketed Heated Sulfur Down-pipe in Tank (with steam jacket) TC Sump PC Sweep Air Alternate Molten Sulfur Loading TC Steam Coil Steam Trap Bleeder Valve to Atmosphere Manual Block Valve for Snuffing Steam (100 ft from tank) Recirculation Loop Steam ...

Sulphur Piping - Sulphuric Acid

Jacketed piping is basically a pipe within a pipe. Molten sulphur flows in the central or core pipe while steam flows in the annular space formed between the two pipes. Sulphur piping will generally be carbon steel, seamless pipe supplied to ASTM A106 Gr. B and/or ASTM A53 Gr. B. Standard sizes of jacketed pipe for molten sulphur are:

Molten Sulphur Jacketed Valve | Jacketed Ball Valve

Jan 10, 2014· Molten Sulphur Jacketed Valve is specialized product ours. Sulfur Jacketed Ball Valve Covers Size Range from 1/2″ x 1″ (DN15 x 25 ) to 8″ x 12″(DN200 X DN300) with Full Jacketed and Half Jacket/Partial Jacketed along operation Hand Lever, Gear, …

Jacketed Ball Valve, Thermal Hot Oil, Steam Jacketed Valve ...

Jacketed Ball Valve, Thermal Hot Oil, Steam Jacketed Valve Manufacturers, Molten Sulfur, Sulphur, Coal Tar, Pitch, Bitumen, Asphalt, Resin, Polymer Valves, Thermic Fluid Oil Jacketed Valve Exporters, Hot Oil Jacketed Valve Stockist, Therminol Jacketed Valve Suppliers and Thermal Oil Jacketed …

Liquids | Viking

Molten Sulfur. Molten Sulfur is a difficult to pump liquid due to the very narrow temperature range that it can be handled. Molten Sulfur is typically solid up to 240°F, and then re-solidifies again around 370°F. The suggested handling range is 270°F - 310°F, where the viscosity is 6 - 9 cP.

Molten Sulfur Blog

The weekly blog of Molten Sulfur Press. Nuggets for your games and a little bit more.

Refining Community | » Topic: Sulfur run down lines

Feb 10, 2017· Does anyone have experience or data on steam jacketed carbon steel rundown lines for molten sulfur? In particular, have you identified a predictable failure mechanism in the piping, either in the steam side or the sulfur side? Do you have an assumed/ measured corrosion rate? What proactive means to do you employ to keep the line from failing?

Jacketed Vertical Cantilever Molten Sulfur Pump

Molten Sulfur Pump Jacketed Vertical Lineshaft Molten Sulfur Pump Thrust bearings - Impeller clearance adjustment – shims Regreasable – double or triple row angular contact – upper bearing housing integral with motor support and built in jacking screws Sh ft S l 6i integral with motor support pedestal Shaft Seal – 6 rings min Optional ...


Score-TRICENTRIC® Steam Jacketed Valves with steam traced shafts for molten sulphur and pitch applications Score-TRICENTRIC® Acid Gas/Tail Gas/Flow Gas Valves. Triple offset seat design assures a frictionless seal for high cycle and extended valve life. Torque seated design assures tight shut-off at low and high pressures. Steam jacketed and

Sulphur flow measurement - Control.com

GE provide panaflow HT - Does anyone have experience with the installation UFM for sulfur? Or for liquid with high viscosity and temperature? thanks >Looking for a perfect flow meter for molten sulfur >(including iron impurities) in a line with steam jacket. >We …

Molten Sulfur Jacketed Ball Valve - Switzer Valves Engineering

Hot Oil Jacketed Ball Valve, Sulphur Jacketed Valve, Molten Sulfur Jacketed Ball Valve, Sulphur Ball Valve, Sulfur Valves, Coal Tar, Asphalt, Bitumen, Partial Half Jacketed Ball Valves, Full Jacketed Swing Check Valve, Jacketed Non Return Valve, Jacketed Rising Stem Gat...

Goulds Molten Sulfur Pumps

Molten Sulfur Custom designs available to meet any customers needs Standard C-face Motor Support. One-Piece Shaft for accurate alignment and vibration free operation. Heavy Duty Double Row Thrust Bearing. Steam jacketed column and discharge pipe. Bearings are an exclusive material specifically designed for Molten Sulfur.


And that is the reason the sulfur pump design needs to ensure that the molten sulfur being pumped is maintained within this close temperature range. 1. Superflow Pumps are specially designed steam jacketed Vertical pumps , with jackets so arranged that neither supercooling nor overheating takes place, and ensuring jacket heating at very close ...

Process Systems International - Molten Sulphur Pumps ...

Molten sulphur pumps . PSIL has, for more than 22 years, developed industry-leading steam jacketed pumps for molten sulphur, salts and metals. Its molten sulphur pumps have a design life in excess of 25 years, as standard.

Molten Sulfur Steam Jacketed Ball Valve Manufacturer ...

Jan 10, 2014· Molten Sulfur Jacketed Valve Manufacturer Exporter Supplier Stockiest in India Nivz Valves and Automation Sulphur Jacketed Ball Valves have many advantages to avoid solidification of Sulfur during process by the help of passing Steam or Hot Oil inside jacket.

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